Athens Psychotherapy counseling services for adults, children, adolescents, and families, group, couples, and individual therapy sessions.
Pathways Counseling Athens, Ga. 30605
Pathways Inc. Athens, GA. 30605

Athens, Ga. Counseling Services~

Holistic Psychotherapy Counseling

Pathways’ counseling services are committed to holistic approaches that both empower and respect individuals. Our intention is to help our Athens' clients develop and discover their own inner resources and capacity for healing and growth; to enrich their connection of self to family and community.

We strive to stay attuned to the personal impact that culture, race, gender, physical limitations, sexual orientation, as well as spirituality has on our clients. We are committed to being sensitive to clients of all walks of life.

We at Pathways share a deep belief in working with the entire person as we respect and honor the mind as well as the body and soul. Our therapists also strongly believe that our own self-awareness and experience is one of the greatest assets that helps us best serve our clients.

• Child and adolescent counseling
• Eco-spiritual Retreats
• Family counseling
• Group therapy
• Individual therapy


Pathways’ Therapists have a wide range of specialized and diverse areas of expertise:

Depression & Anxiety
Grief & Loss
Physical Health & Wellness
Pain Management
Relationship and Intimacy Issues
Healthy Communication
Parenting Concerns
Anger Management
Career Planning
Substance Abuse
Domestic Violence
Abuse & Trauma Recovery
Sexual Addiction
Sexual Orientation
Gender Identity
Multicultural Issues
Biracial Issues
Pathways Inc. Athens, GA. 30605

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Located in Athens, Ga., Pathways, Inc. is a holistic counseling agency that serves adults, children, and adolescents.

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