Couples therapy nurtures holistic communication skills between partners to enable a deeper understanding. Pathways Counseling, Athens, Ga.
Pathways Inc.,  Athens, GA.
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Couples Therapy ~


For Couples, A Holistic Approach to Communication

Beyond individual work, Pathways Inc. offers couples holistic therapy for nurturing change and development in intimate relationships. Couples therapy utilizes skills including the ability to influence conversations in a way that catalyzes deeper understanding of emotional intimacy.

An honest look at intimacy issues.
Pathways counseling service offers scheduled therapy sessions for both partners in the couple ship, or private individual sessions if desired. Either way a trained and licensed therapist will ensure that each party have an opportunity to speak openly and be heard. During couple sessions the focus is on the strengths and desires of each person to initiate a better understanding of the relationship. Emotional awareness is awakened, as are new communication levels achieved through learning the skills of speaking and listening from the heart.

Athens, Ga. - Couples Counseling
At Pathways Inc., psychotherapist integrates a unique element of spirituality with traditional psychology to encourage and educate couples in a positive direction toward communication. Read more about counselor:
Holly Johnson, LCSW

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Couple seek therapy for many reasons
**Frequent arguments**Loss of emotional intimacy**Understand and change difficult, persistent cycles of behavior**Infidelity**Sexual issues**Not feeling heard**Pre-marital counseling**Maintaining civility in divorce**
Pathways Inc. Athens, GA. 30605


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Located in Athens, Ga., Pathways, Inc. is a holistic counseling agency that serves adults, children, and adolescents.
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